Hulme CanAm "Welcome to NZ Roads" launch

What a fantastic afternoon we had on Saturday at Independent Prestige showroom on Great North Road, Auckland on May 30th. Lots of enthusiastic people and a spectacular and beautiful car - I know I am biased, but everybody said it was. We were very privileged to have the Auckland Mayor John Banks, who was going to be our first passenger, help with the unveiling. Unfortunately it was raining very heavily, so we were unable to go for a drive.

We started with Shayna DOUGHERTY, a daughter of one of our investors, lead us in singing our National Anthem, I then spoke for a short (fast speech) then Tony (our Chief Designer) gave a very informative and comprehensive slow speech before we had Graeme Carle, my pastor, bless the people involved in the project and the future passengers in the car. We then had John Banks help 4 people who have been great supporters of mine to unveil the car. Clarke Berridge, from Hella NZ; David Flacks, from Bell Gully; Chris Hill, from Resene Automotive who are DuPont Refinish in New Zealand and Kenny Smith, New Zealand’s most experienced race driver.

We had a draw for a flying lap, everybody put their names in the box, John Banks pulled out the 5 lucky names:

We are looking forward to taking the following people for a flying lap in the Hulme CanAm.

Beryl & Colin FARR, It’s amazing that John pulled out the wife and then the husband, Hung NGUYEN who worked on the Hulme F1 concept car in 2004 then Dave DOBBIN (NZ Singer) and last but not least, Stephen LAYBURN from Bell Gully. Having driven the car around 5 different NZ circuits and been a passenger with Chris Amon at Taupo and Kenny Smith at Pukekohe, I know these 5 people will have an experience they will never forget.

One of our early investors and a great supporter, who unfortunately could not be at the launch, sent me a quote from Winston Churchill to finish off with:



One of our supporters made a video of the unveiling and has put it on “You Tube”.

If you would like to see it just click the links below.

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