New Zealanders invited to invest in home-grown Supercar

16 March 2010 

Jock Freemantle interviewed by Michael Wilson on TV3's ASB Business

Overseas Investors

The Share Offer is only being made to members of the public in New Zealand. No person may offer, invite, sell or deliver any Shares or distribute any documents (including this offer document) to any person outside New Zealand. This offer document may not be sent into or distributed in the United States.

Unless otherwise agreed with the Company, any person or entity applying for Shares in the Public Offer will, by virtue of such Application, be deemed to represent that he, she or it is not in a jurisdiction that does not permit the making of the Share Offer or an invitation of the kind contained in this offer document is not acting for the account or benefit of a person within such a jurisdiction. Neither the Company nor any of its Directors, officers, employees, consultants, agents, partners or advisers accepts any liability or responsibility to determine whether a person is able to participate in the Public Offer.

New Zealand Investors

Hulme Supercars Limited, the Auckland-based designers of the Hulme CanAmsupercar, has opened its doors to New Zealanders to be a part of one of the country’s most visionary, exciting and unique projects, and a rare chance to share in automobile history.

Investment in the New Zealand registered company is invited exclusively from New Zealanders - from as little as $1,000 - which will see the nation producing its own exclusive, limited production supercar, for sale on world markets.

New investors will be in good company. They will join the 91 current NZ investors from all walks of life and regions, who have aided the development of the fullyrunning Hulme CanAm prototype, which has turned heads the length and breadth of both North and South Islands, at shows, and during shake-down and demonstration runs on the road.

In the tradition of excellence that brought New Zealand success in the America’s Cup, and the tenacity and vision of Burt Munroe, the Hulme CanAm is a world-class, high-performance mid-engined road car that gives the excitement of driving a Formula One car on the road.

Named in honour of New Zealand’s Formula One World champion, Denny Hulme, the CanAm has been created for both road and track use, blending the raw flavour and appeal of a formula racing car with excellent road driveability, dramatic design, superb craftsmanship, exceptional performance and a thrilling experience.

The car - the first of a series of exclusive derivative models planned for development by Hulme over the coming years - has already attracted worldwide interest and praise, having been invited to show at the UK’s prestigious Goodwood Festival of Speed and Salon Prive, the Top Marques motor show in Shanghai, plus private showings in Kuwait and Saudi Arabia.

Jock Freemantle, Managing Director of Hulme Supercars Limited, commented:
“I am hugely proud to be showcasing New Zealand’s immense technology and design talent that’s embodied in the Hulme CanAm, and thrilled to be given the goahead by regulators to invite investment from New Zealanders in the company.

“We have received tremendous support and praise from those who have seen the CanAm on the streets of New Zealand during its development, and greatly look forward to bringing the car to market with our existing and future investors’ support”, he added.

Full information on the investment offer is included in the offer document - a combined investment statement and prospectus - before subscribing for shares in Hulme Supercars Limited. No money is sought and no application for securities accepted nor money received, until the potential investor has received an offer document.

For a copy of the offer document, contact Jock Freemantle, Managing Director, Hulme Supercars Limited.
E-mail: , or write to Hulme Supercars Limited, P.O.Box 97853, Manukau City 2241, Manukau, New Zealand.

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