Mark Woodley

Electronic/Electrical Team Leader

Electronic/Electrical Team Leader

Mark was born in Oxford England in 1970 and moved to Auckland in 1999 and continues to live there. Mark has spent 17 years with the Renault brand and has had many roles including Automotive Technician, Renault Technical Expert (which he gained at the young age of 19), Workshop Manager, Service Manager, and Technical Support/Training.

In 2003 Mark took up the role of Technical Trainer for the GM Training College and has been training the GM Holden technicians in all areas of the vehicle including engine management, body management, electronics and electrical.

In 2006 Mark started his own technical training company (Torque-tech Consultants) and through this company has carried on the role as Technical Trainer for the GM Training College.

Mark is a fully qualified automotive technician (UK) and a certified automotive engineer (UK).

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