Hulme Supercars Ltd.

The Company’s principle is to operate with utmost integrity at all times, whilst ethically adhering to a win-win philosophy.

Central to the mission, is the reinforcement of New Zealand’s distinguished position in motoring, by marketing an outstanding supercar capable of delivering the drive of dreams for its owners, and profitable returns for the Company’s investors.

In the first year, an initial global sales target of 9 cars has been set. The directors believe, given the HULME supercar’s unique design and performance capabilities, a global sales target of 20 cars per year is achievable, though options are in place to cover both lower and higher volumes.

This New Zealand story is based on the podium glory of Kiwi motor racing greats Denny Hulme, Bruce McLaren and Chris Amon, which is today continuing with the success of Scott Dixon and the New Zealand A1 Grand Prix team.

New Zealand has a reputation for excellence and achievement disproportionate to its size, as witnessed not only in motor racing but also in a wide field of endeavours. A New Zealander led the team that first split the atom, scaled to the top of Mount Everest, directed the Oscar winning “The Lord of the Rings” trilogy, plus the latest internationally acclaimed film, “The World’s Fastest Indian”, that embodies New Zealanders “can-do” attitude. A New Zealand team twice won the America’s Cup, and we have top golfer Michael Campbell as U.S. Open Champion following in the footsteps of Sir Bob Charles.

New Zealand is a boutique participant in world markets, ideally positioned to provide the quality and exclusivity that are desired in the select world of supercars.

Hulme F1

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