Future Models

We are continuing to develop 2 future models:

“Hulme CanAm Spyder”

A car very similar to the Hulme CanAm but with a windscreen and wipers. This will allow the driver and passenger to drive without eye protection. A car that will allow two people to take to the open road but will still give the driver and passenger the feeling of driving a street-legal Formula One car and powered by an engine which is yet to be decided.

“Hulme F1”

Based on the initial concept vehicle, the Hulme F1 will be a closed,2-door, 2 seater, side by side, high performance GT car. It will look like the Hulme F1 concept car with similar front/rear wings to those on the Hulme CanAm, and similar in concept to a number of other European supercars, built to a very high standard and powered by an engine which is yet to be decided.

Jock in the Hulme CanAm

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